New Home Construction: 6 Reasons to Try Home Building in 2022

Ask any realtor, and they’ll tell you that home buying always involves compromise. Either the kitchen’s not as big as you’d like, there’s no separate dining room, or there really aren’t enough bedrooms.

But wait, isn’t this too important a decision to be filled with compromises? Yes, it is. And there is another way.

New home construction puts you in charge and means that you can get exactly what you want. You choose the plot; you call the shots. Compromise, what compromise?

Let’s explore 6 awesome reasons why you should try home building in 2022.

1. Forget Costly Bidding Wars

With home listings at record lows, bidding wars are a fact of life for most home buyers. Buyers are actually being frozen out of the market because they keep getting outbid.

Homes are moving fast, with half of the homes going under contract in less than two weeks. This frenzied market can lead people to pay more, make compromises, and ultimately get a home that’s far from what they wanted.

Instead of all this stress, imagine all you need to do is choose the ideal layout for your home. At Oevering Homes, we can even purchase the lot you have your eye on, or build on land you already own. And after that decision, it’s as easy as choosing the floor plan that works best for your family.

2. Zero Remodel Expenses

Buying a home is stressful enough. After that, many people then start a never-ending list of renos, revamps, and decorating projects that keep them busy for years to come. All the time, the dollars are flowing in one direction, and time for more important things is ebbing away.

Let’s take a kitchen reno as an example. Most people spend anywhere from $25,001-$50,000 on a new kitchen! That work all has to be done while you’re living in the house, so you need to factor in spending on eating out and takeout as well.

In contrast, new home builders let you choose your dream kitchen before the foundation is complete. You don’t just get your dream cabinets. You get your ideal layout as well.

You also get a home that is the right size for your family. You don’t need to worry about extending your home a few years down the line or putting up with cramped living arrangements.

3. A Truly Customized Home

However nice the house you buy is, you’re always working with someone else’s layout and preferences. No doubt your previous homeownership experience has taught you a lot about what you do and don’t want in a house!

By choosing the home building route, you are in total control of the design. You choose the right tried and true floorplan and then everything else is down to you. From the kitchen and bathroom fixtures to the flooring and decoration, you can get everything just how you want it, the first time.

When planning your new construction home, check out your builder’s custom home gallery. You’ll see the level of finish they can achieve. You can also gain inspiration for your own home.

4. Save Stress

New home construction may not sound like a relaxing activity! But when you work with experienced new home builders, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like.

Look for a builder that is keen to listen to you and work with you through the process. Let them handle the permits and the construction while you have input into the fun parts.

The best home building companies have the process down to an art. They will have every stage clearly outlined. This includes consultation and proposal, site plan, and selection meeting.

5. Help Obtaining Financing

New home construction loans are an essential piece of the homebuilding puzzle. Before you can start to build a new home, you need to be pre-approved by a lender. This means that you have a guarantee that you have the funds in place to see the project through to its conclusion.

At Oevering Homes, we handle the messy construction loan, meaning we finance the build and you purchase the home and lot/land from Oevering at the end of the build! You just need a preapproval letter from your lender.

If you don’t have a trusted lender or a preapproval letter already, the team at Oevering has recommendations for lenders that we have worked with, know their process, and know the level of result they achieve. This can help you to obtain the financing that you need to get your project underway.

6. More Affordable Than You Think!

Working with one of the largest homebuilders in the US might set you back a pretty penny. But working with a local Western Wisconsin firm has many advantages.

They understand the local market and what people are looking for. They can also offer fantastic value for money.

Oevering Homes was established for this very reason. We were founded with the goal of building affordable homes for the people of Western Wisconsin.

2021 was a tough year for new homes construction because of bottlenecks in international supply lines. However, 2022 is expected to see a reverse in that trend, with a return to moderate prices. That means that 2022 should be a great time for you to build a new home!

Make Home Building Dreams Reality with Oevering Homes

Say goodbye to compromises and hello to the home of your dreams. Homebuilding might sound like something other people do, but it’s more achievable than you realize.

A new construction home allows you to try to put your stamp on a place. Get everything from the layout to the finish exactly how you want it. Stop renovating and start living!

At Oevering Homes, we have twenty years of experience in making our clients’ dreams a reality. Our tried and true building process reduces your stress while giving you the customized home you’ve always dreamed of.

Our team is ready and waiting to get you started on your home building journey. Call us at 715-243-0001 or contact us online to learn more today!