The Oevering Homes Building Process

Building a new home can seem like a huge process. Our team works hard each day to give you the best experience and ensure the process runs smoothly. Watching as your home is being built is an exciting time! Where some builders discourage the client’s involvement, we encourage it. We want you to be involved in the process as much as you’d like. Oevering Homes strives to make every build as stress free as possible. The following illustrates the phases throughout your build. This outline is to help you feel at ease through the process of building your home, and give you a step-by-step reference of what to expect. Before getting started, you must get pre-approved with a lender. We understand getting pre-approved is a major step, but is a requirement before we can begin. If you don’t currently have a lender, let us assist you with our recommendation for a lender in which Oevering Homes has worked with and understands our building process and financing requirements.

1. Building Consultation

2. Proposal Meeting

3. Purchase Agreement

6. Pre-Construction Meeting

5. Selections Meeting

4. Site Plan Meeting

7. Final Walk Through

8. Closing

9. Move-In