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At a very young age Oranzo J. Oevering, owner of Oevering Homes, knew he wanted to build and sell homes. His father owned a successful Bobcat dealership in a small, rural town in Minnesota. In the early 80’s his father saw an opportunity to buy and develop real estate. From the time Oranzo could ride his bike to the building sites he was involved with the building process. Not only was Oranzo exposed to the hustle and bustle of the building industry, but learned some invaluable lessons working with people. Oranzo sites his father, a highly respected business owner in his community, as his mentor and as the influence behind many of his business practices today.

As a young adult his dream became a reality when he went to purchase his own home in the area. Discovering that affordable housing in Western Wisconsin was hard to come by, he saw his own to an opportunity to tap into a business he was groomed his whole life to do.

In September of 2002, Oranzo built the first of now hundreds of affordable homes in the area. Building an organization in a volatile market hasn’t been easy – but Oranzo’s desire to exceed people’s expectations, dedication to having top-notch organization, his commitment to building a quality home at an affordable price, and having highest of standards and expectations for the people he hires is what has contributed to the success and sustainability of Oevering Homes today.

Oevering Homes has a variety of homes, whether you are looking for your first home, starting a family, or in the retirement stages, we have something for you. Our mission is simple…build the most affordable homes without compromising quality and provide sensitivity to our customer’s needs and dedication to their satisfaction. Everything we do at Oevering Homes is done to fulfill both of these goals; for we believe they are the key to our success as seen in the past, the present and is the key to our future. To that end, we work diligently to serve our customers in a spirit of honesty, courtesy and fairness that is unmatched in our industry.

At Oevering our mission is simple… build the most affordable homes without compromising quality and provide sensitivity to our customer’s needs and dedication to their satisfaction.

As Oranzo and his team at Oevering Homes prepares for rapid expansion in the future. Oranzo reflects on the time spent with his father. He too wishes that someday he will watch his children take an active interest in Oevering Homes. What does he hope to teach them? Keep the process simple, quality cannot waiver, ensure the customer receives what they asked for, exceed their expectations, maintain good communication, and be passionate about what you do.

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